And It Begins

Today I went bird watching for the first time and I was awed by what I experienced. I’ve always gone walking with my family. It’s something we love to do. But, today we went and I brought along my camera with the intent of taking bird pictures. We walked around Lake Wabukayne, which we’ve done dozens of times, but today was different. Today, I noticed more birds (and other wildlife) than ever before, all because I was paying attention.Inline image

Some of the birds were easy to find, like the Mallards. They always think we have food for them.
But others took time and effort to find. I heard the harsh cry of a Blue Jay, but it took me several minutes to actually spot it. I didn’t grab a photo of it because my daughter bumped into me right when I was zoomed in on it! The joys of birding with a four year old…
I saw a Downy Woodpecker and a Red-breasted Nuthatch because I heard noises in trees that could easily have been mistaken for leaves rustling if I had been in a hurry.


Female Downy Woodpecker

So, today’s first attempt at bird watching opened my eyes to life around me and was a reminder to slow down and pay attention.There is so much to enjoy in nature and so many amazing creatures that God has created, but too often we are too hurried to notice them. Take some time today to slow down and pay attention to your surroundings and see what you discover!


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