The One That Got Away

Last night on my way to a prayer meeting at church, I saw my first snowy owl of the season. Since I spotted it not far from work, I brought my camera with me today just in case I happened to see it in daylight. I didn’t.

However, from the door to our church office, you can clearly see the roof of a local hotel. About lunchtime, I looked out and saw a bird sitting on the roof. Some doubted me. Since I had my camera with me, I decided to grab it and take a picture. I knew that the hotel was too far away to get a good picture, but close enough for the picture to prove it was a bird.

Later in the afternoon, I looked out again and, to my surprise, the bird was still there. I thought to myself, if it’s still there when I leave, I’ll stop and grab a picture.

The end of the day rolled around and as I headed to the front door, I looked out and was astonished to see the bird still there after more than four hours! I excitedly headed out to my car preparing to stop in the hotel parking lot to grab a shot.

I got the parking lot just a few moments later, took out my camera, rolled down the window and started to zoom in on the bird. Just as I went to take the picture, it took flight and was gone. The hotel blocked my view. There was no picture for me after all.


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