Revisting my 2016 Goals

Seeing that the year is a 1/4 done, I thought it would be appropriate to revisit my 2016 goals and see what I’ve accomplished, what I should change and what goals I should add!

Goal # 1 – See 100 different species
I’m currently a little more than half done with a total of 51 different species. While some logic would suggest that I should raise my goal because I’m halfway there in a quarter of the time, adding more species is only going to get harder as the year goes on. I am content with this goal and think it will still be hard work to reach 100.

Goal # 2 – See an Owl
COMPLETE- I’ve seen both a Snowy Owl

Great Horned Owl

and a Great Horned Owl. The Snowy was in January on a lamppost when I was getting off the 401 at Hurontario. The Great Horned was today at High Park. I saw a gentleman with a much better camera than mine focused on a target. I asked him if he’d found anything interesting and he pointed out the two Great Horned Owls near the top of a very tall pine tree.  He was looking for owlets which had been reported and seen recently in High Park but we didn’t see those.

Goal # 3 – Go birding with someone who knows more about birding that I do
COMPLETE – I wrote a brief blog and posted pictures from my birding trip with a group from Riverwood Conservancy here.


Goal # 4 – Go on four birding trips outside of the city
0 for 4. But the summer will definitely open up possibilities to go birding outside of the city. One chance will be in Newfoundland so let me know if you have any Newfoundland birding tips.

Goal # 5 – Visit Riverwood Conservancy
COMPLETE – You can read about my trip to Riverwood here. I plan on joining a Riverwood Conservancy birding tour this summer.

House Sparrow

Goal # 6 – Visit Downsview Park
Still got to do it!

Goal # 7 – Read my entire Birds of Ontario Field Guide
I’ve been slowly reading through it. It’s quite helpful and has helped me identify some new birds in the field without consulting the guide. I need to pick up my pace though if I’m going to complete this goal.

Goal # 8 – Read Wild America by Roger Tory Peterson

I didn’t realize how hard it would be to find this book to read it! I’m thinking this goal is going to have to be dropped from my list.

Double-crested Cormorant

Goal # 9 – Read Kingbird Highway by Kenn Kaufman
I was hoping to get this book and Wild America from the library but it’s not available here. But I have found it for a decent price online. I’ll ask for it for my birthday and read it then!

Goal # 10 – Build a Screech Owl box
Let’s not talk about it! I haven’t thought anymore about this, but my Dad did say he has some potential wood for me, so that’s half the battle.

Having spent more time birding, here are a couple of more birding goals this year:

Goal # 11 – See a Pileated Woodpecker
I know they are around and aren’t exceptionally rare or anything, but I’ve never seen one!

Goal # 12 – See both Kinglets common to Ontario
I’m not sure I’ve seen either of the Golden or Ruby-crowned Kinglet before, so finding these birds would be nice.

Here’s to some great spring birding!





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