2016 Goals Reviewed

Goal # 1 – See 100 different species – COMPLETE
It took me to December 31st and a last minute trip to Hamilton, but I finished the year with 105 species.

Goal # 2 – See an OwlCOMPLETE
I saw a Snowy, Great Horned and an Eastern Screech-Owl.

Goal # 3 – Go birding with someone who knows more about birding that I doCOMPLETE
I went on two trips with a group from Riverwood Conservancy.

Goal # 4 – Go on four birding trips outside of the city – COMPLETE
I went to Newfoundland, Presqu’ile Provincial Park, McCullough Lake and Cobourg a couple of times. I also did Hamilton which is sort of out of the city.

Goal # 5 – Visit Riverwood ConservancyCOMPLETE

Goal # 6 – Visit Downsview Park – INCOMPLETE
I never even tried to head out there. I think I found out there were better places I could go that were closer.

Goal # 7 – Read my entire Birds of Ontario Field Guide – INCOMPLETE
I have read through a lot of it and especially when looking at specific birds I saw, but I never made it all the way through. I still should though.

Goal # 8 – Read Wild America by Roger Tory Peterson – INCOMPLETE
Thankfully my wife was able to find a copy, so I’ve started it, but it’s not easy reading.

Goal # 9 – Read Kingbird Highway by Kenn Kaufman – INCOMPLETE
I got this for my birthday, but am still working though Wild America first. I’ll get to it soon.

Goal # 10 – Build a Screech Owl box – INCOMPLETE
Being honest, I have enough work to do around my house without building an owl box, although my daughter has talked about doing it with me.

Goal # 11 – See a Pileated Woodpecker – COMPLETE
Saw a beautiful one near my parents cottage.

Goal # 12 – See both Kinglets common to Ontario – COMPLETE
Found a Ruby on my own and saw the Golden at Riverwood with a group of birders. Want better views of the Golden in 2017 though!

7/12 goals completed. Not the best percentage, but I think I accomplished most of my big ones, including the 100 species!

Overall, it was a great first year of birding!


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